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Sunny Hari
Sunny Hari

Marketing Coordinator

Sales Team

Sunny grew up in the small town of Apple Valley, California, where his interest in marketing grew with him. He graduated from the University of California - Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Communications to slingshot his career in this industry. Throughout his college career, he took on a multitude of marketing positions as well as starting and marketing his own e-commerce brand at the age of 21.   

Sunny also grew up surrounded by the real estate business. His father and uncles are passionate businessmen involved in both commercial and residential real estate. This allowed Sunny to gain some insight into the real estate and escrow industry.

Through these experiences, Sunny managed to build up his skills in brand growth, advertising, and content creation. These valuable skillsets along with his interest in real estate are what led him to becoming a valuable member of the Chartwell Escrow family!

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