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Melinda Cook
Melinda Cook

Escrow Officer


Melinda began her escrow career in 2016 as a receptionist at the Chartwell Escrow West Hollywood branch. She eventually took on a new role as a corporate relief escrow officer where she covered the desks of 18 different escrow officers, at 12 of Chartwell Escrow's branches. Her time in this challenging role provided Melinda with the opportunity to gain a unique insight into customizing the escrow experience to best serve all parties involved.

"Low-stress or no-stress" is Melinda's goal and motto with every transaction she handles as an Escrow Officer. Her focus on organization, efficiency, clear communication, and remaining proactive equip her to provide optimal customer service to her clients.

Melinda is a Southern California native, born and raised in Lake Forest of Orange County. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling both locally and internationally, trying new Los Angeles restaurants, and spending time with her boyfriend, friends, and family.

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